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Video from Rafa’s first poker lesson.

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Rafa, Federer and Djokovic have qualified for the WTFs.



Rafa does social media:

Tweets about Rafa:

A clip from ESPN:

A lot of repeat footage here, but also a bit more at on the Wimbledon site.

I forgot to check the Tennis Channel site before posting. Here’s an additional clip:

Hoping for a full transcript eventually. From the tweets that went out and this video, Rafa was his usual level-headed self about the loss.

A self-indulgent message:
I keep having people ask me if I’m devastated. True, this was not the outcome any of us wanted, but as Rafa says in the Wimbledon clip, “it’s not a tragedy, it’s only a tennis match. In the end, that’s life, there’s much more important things.” Since I just spent the evening delivering and helping set up physical therapy equipment for my mom’s partner, I got a rather intense reminder of that. He’s a piano player with no full-time employer and, in the US, that also means no or limited health insurance. He suffered a stroke two weeks ago and as a consequence has limited or no use of a good chunk of the left side of his body…including his left hand. He needs to relearn so much and has quite possibly lost the ability to earn a living by doing something he loves with his whole being. They have been working to try and cobble together inexpensive help for physical and occupational therapy. There’s no tragedy in tennis. There’s drama, there’s joy, there’s sadness, but tragedy? Not so much. Go live your life and try to not let this cloud your day too much. It’s tennis. There’s always another tournament.

You really, really must watch this video. Repeatedly. And then a few more times.

Also from the Wimbledon site:

Long highlights from RAFApedia.

Highlights from The Tennis Channel:

(As usual, slams pull most pirated vids down quickly, so I probably won’t embed a lot of YouTube vids during the tournament.)