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I’m heading to NY for a week starting Wednesday. So the infrequent updates could get even more less frequent. Don’t forget that Inés and genny_ss are posting more frequent updates to Facebook.

China Open promotional video:

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  • This BBC program includes some comments from Benito in regards to Rafa - around minute 27. (If that link doesn’t work for some reason, here’s a pirated version.)
  • For those who couldn’t see it on Facebook, Rafa’s virtual appearance at the Champions Drink Responsible NYC event is now on YouTube.


Rafa does social media:

Tweets about Rafa:

Short interview from CNN. (If the CNN version doesn’t work for you for some reason, here it is on YouTube.)

[caption id=”attachment_35180” align=”alignright” width=”150”] Photo by Beth Wilson[/caption]

The winners of the Ace Rafa game from Bacardi were in Manacor today enjoying some time with Rafa and Carlos Moya. I hope they had a grand time! They’ve posted some photos from the event on the Champions Drink Responsibly Facebook page.



  • English interview about the Olympics withdrawal - seems to be the source of the quotes in that Yahoo Sports article linked to earlier.
  • iB3 report on Rafa’s withdrawal and first practice session. Per Inés, the man from the Manacor tennis center says that Rafa tried to play and after five minutes he stopped; he was totally devastated.
  • Antenna 3 report - if I’m understanding things correctly, this includes footage from the fateful practice sesion. Can someone who understands confirm or correct that assumption?
  • Audio interview with Toni
  • RVTE report
  • TDP interview with Toni
  • iB3 interview with Toni.


Rafa does social media:

Tweets about Rafa:
Rafa arrives for the ACE Rafa event:

Rafa and Carlos - always a nice sight.

Photo from today’s interview:

Thanks to raficionada/@creamola_foam for uploading this Sky Sports special:

In a ceremony at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympics committee today, Rafa was presented with the Spanish flag he will carry into the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony today. The Spanish station rtve has posted a video of the complete ceremony.

Here’s a bit of an interview/presser - El título olímpico es el más difícil:

And a short report on the ceremony from rtve.

Rafa posted a photo and talked about the honor on Facebook.

Ya tengo en mis manos la bandera que portare en Londres, acompañado por otros deportistas que la llevaron Jaime Berenguer, Enrique Rodríguez, Herminio Mernéndez y Alejandro Abascal. Gracias a Alejandro Blanco y José Ignacio Wert por incluirme entre los elegidos :)

I have the flag that I’ll carry in London, accompanied with other last standard-bearer Jaime Berenguer, Enrique Rodríguez, Herminio Mernéndez and Alejandro Abascal. Thanks to Alejandro Blanco and José Ignacio Wert for including me among the chosen :)

Some photos:
[gallery link=”file”]

Also, Inés has uploaded screen grabs from the event to our Facebook page.