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Rafa’s getting ready for Monte-Carlo:



Tweets about Rafa:

Tweets from David J Nadal:

@RafaelNadal volvió hoy a los entrenos y puso aprueba su rodilla. Esto contó a @merce_valero para @esportsib3tv :

"Estoy mejor. Pero es el primer día que entreno y hay que ver la evolución día a día" ha dicho @RafaelNadal a @IB3noticies

@RafaelNadal : “No he forzado mucho y veremos como estoy el miércoles que viene que debuto en Montecarlo”

Más de Rafel Nadal a @esportsib3tv : “Afronto la temporada de tierra con la máxima ilusión. Lucharé por estar en las rondas finales”

@RafaelNadal :”La intención estos días es coger lo antes posible un buen nivel tenístico y no tener problemas físicos”

"Llevo 14 dias sin tocar una raqueta y tengo que adaptarme lo antes posible a la tierra", Rafel Nadal dixit

@RafaelNadal “Desde la final de la Copa Davis que no juego en tierra. Tengo que hacer muchas horas en tierra para adaptarme”

@RafaelNadal viaja el próximo viernes a Montecarlo. Debuta el miércoles en el torneo

Which mangles to:

@ RafaelNadal again today to approve workouts and put his knee. This was a @ @ esportsib3tv merce_valero for:

"I’m better. But it’s the first day I train and have to see the progress every day," said a @ @ RafaelNadal IB3noticies

@ RafaelNadal: “I have not forced a lot and see how I am next Wednesday to debut at Monte Carlo”

More @ Rafel Nadal esportsib3tv: “I face the clay season with maximum illusion. Fight to be in the finals”

@ RafaelNadal: “The intention is to take these days as soon as possible a high level tennis and not have physical problems”

"I have 14 days without touching a racquet and I have to adapt as quickly as possible to the earth," Rafel Nadal dixit

@ RafaelNadal “From the Davis Cup final that no ground game. I have to do many hours on the ground to adapt”

@ RafaelNadal travels to Monte Carlo on Friday. Premiering Wednesday at the tournament

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I decided not to link to most of the withdrawal news stories since they were highly repetitive and didn’t offer anything not included in Rafa’s presser.



Rafa does social media:

  • Not all of Rafa’s social media posts were about the sad news yesterday, he made sure we knew about the new Nike video. First he teased us in English and Spanish. Next, the actual video: English; Spanish.

Tweets about Rafa:

Sounds like Rafa might have plans to see the doctor who does the plasma treatments:

Nike teased us about Rafa’s clay season shirt:

Bar Refaeli continues to show us she’s a Rafa KAD:

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Photos from today’s presser:

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Photos by AP Photo/Lynne Sladky and Reuters

Also, check out these on flickr: one, two, three, and four.

He’s really improved his self-filming skills. I have great illusion that soon these will seem like full-fledged professional productions!



Is it wrong that I’m thinking he added that quiet little “guys” just for us? Yes. I am. *steps away from the KoolAid*

Via RafaNadalOfficial.

Oh, and Rafa? You don’t need to thank us…in fact…thank you!

Rafa’s words about why he had to withdraw from the Miami semifinal from a few different sources. First, he shared the news via Facebook.

Second, a studio interview:

Third, video and summary of the presser from Tennis Panorama News.

Lastly, a transcript of the presser (as much as I hate copying stuff from elsewhere without adding something to it, I can’t snark on a withdrawal presser):

Q. Perhaps you could just take us through the situation you’re faced with. We assume it’s your knee. Could you tell us the story of the last couple of days?

RAFAEL NADAL: Oh, I started the since the beginning of the tournament I have problems, but the real thing is growing worse every day.

So after the last match, I saw that the situation were going to be complicated to play today. But, as always, I always believe that the things can improve.

So I waited until today in the morning. I did a lot of treatment yesterday, waiting, that we can recover a little bit for today.

But I am not ready to compete today. I am very sorry for the fans. I’m very sorry for the tournament. I’m very sorry for everybody who were ready to watch the match on the television, for television, for everybody. But I don’t have pleasure. I cannot do it another thing.

I am not ready to compete, and I cannot go on court and lie to everybody. That’s the thing today.

Q. Can you describe the problem exactly for us? Do you know what it is precisely?

RAFAEL NADAL: I have problems on the left knee. I cannot - I have to go to doctor, but looks like is nothing really, really different that happen a few times in the past.

Just go to the doctor hopefully tomorrow, and hopefully in a few days, with a few days off and with the right treatment, I will be in the right conditions to start to practice on the clay.

Q. Because obviously you want to protect as best you can for the clay court season coming up? You say just going out there and running around on the hard court is not going to do you any good in the long run?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yes, but not. Yes, I want to arrive to the clay court with the right conditions, but I want to arrive here with the right conditions. That’s why I rest all February.

So I am not thinking I am not going on court today not because I have the clay court season. I am not going on court today because I cannot go on court today.

No, no. Nothing about clay court season. Clay court season is there in two weeks, but this tournament is very important for me, and I feel very sad to have to go out before a beautiful match for me, semifinals against Andy.

Q. What is your clay court schedule? What are the chances that that may change now?

RAFAEL NADAL: Nothing change. Even if it’s sad to finish these two tournaments like this, playing two semifinals is a good result for me.

First three tournaments of the year I played final and two semifinals in very difficult tournaments, so that’s the positive thing that stays on my mind, playing good tennis. It’s true the last day I did not play good tennis, but my knee is not ready to play good tennis.

So in general, I am very happy almost about everything. My schedule gonna be the same. Monte Carlo, Barcelona, first two tournaments.

Q. How worrying is it to have the same thing happen again with your knee when you thought it was fixed?

RAFAEL NADAL: Less than if I have a new thing, because something that happened in the past, I know what to do to get better quick, and that’s what we’re gonna try.

Q. So where are you going now? Where are you going from here? Are you going back to Mallorca?

RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know yet. I gonna I have to check a few things. I want to go to visit the doctor, and I don’t know if I will be able to do it I will try to do it as fast as possible, to try to come back on court as quick as possible, too.

Q. Did you have any problems coming out of your training in February? When you went to Indian Wells, everything was good?

RAFAEL NADAL: I start to feel a little bit in Mallorca. But, no, everybody has almost everybody has pain when you are playing in this high level of competition, no?

The true is in Indian Wells I had I start to have problems on the knee before Indian Wells, and Indian Wells I have my problems on the knee. But that problem, no, are not limiting me to play at 100%.

So I played in Indian Wells with the normal conditions, playing in good shape physically and everything. Here is different.

Q. Is it described as tendinitis or something else?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah. But seriously the tendons are much better today than three years ago. The treatments worked fantastic.

Even if today a really bad knee and last couple of days were tough for me, but positive thing the tendon improve a lot the last couple of years.

I am more health with both tendons than now. So the treatments are working well. In 2009 I really compete but compete in very bad conditions a lot of times. For the last couple of years, 2010, 2011, I was able to compete with perfect conditions for almost all the year.

So that’s always fantastic when that’s happening. This year I started well with no problems. Today is bad news, but that’s the sport. We cannot expect playing as much as we play, be perfect every day of our life.

Today is my turn. Everybody have problems, and I will be working hard to be back quick on court and to play my best in Monte Carlo.

Q. You always play with a lot of injuries. Are you more cautious now? Because you always play with - I remember US Open when you have the other thing. Are you more cautious now?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, no, I always try my best. But today I feel that I am not ready to compete, no? I always start hard. I tried in the US Open like the example in 2009, but I have big broke of the abdominal at the end of the US Open.

Then after US Open I had to stop for one month and a half with no competition. So I cannot repeat mistakes from the past, but that doesn’t mean that I am more afraid about playing with pains or not.

I try my best in every moment with pain, without pain, but when I see the situation is done and I cannot, I cannot. That’s it.