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Last two points:

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Highlights from day two:


Many different videos available via RafaPedia (which just caused my browser to crash 3 times, but that could be because I have about 60000 tabs open).

I have no idea if the following will be available outside the US. I hope so!

If those don’t work, maybe these will?
Match summary:

Trophy ceremony:

Interview with McEncroe:

Full match in 3 parts from eccovskiy.

(Okay, unless I can’t sleep, that’s it for me for today - match photos and a catch up of lint tomorrow. I got 3 hours of sleep last night and am falling asleep at my keyboard!)

Videos from Rafa’s first round match against Bolelli.

Rafa’s included in this compilation of shots of the day.

Highlights via RAFApedia.

Match in full:

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Video of Rafa’s presser if that doesn’t work for you due to region blocking, here’s a clip:

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ESPN Vivo report:

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tve report with a bit of an interview - just stop watching after the first 53 seconds. Trust me.

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Full match:

Hot Shot:

Trophy ceremony:

Highlights part 1:

Highlights part 2:

All of the above courtesy of - go over to his YouTube channel and show him some love in the comments.

Post-match interview:

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