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Rafa auditions for Top Chef - in Spanish:

And English:

I love that he does the “lift the lid and stir” action in both videos.

May all your pastas be correct.

Rafa shared a video expressing his thanks to the Spanish Olympics committee for the honor of being the flag bearer.

Posted by RafaNadalOfficial.

He’s really improved his self-filming skills. I have great illusion that soon these will seem like full-fledged professional productions!



Is it wrong that I’m thinking he added that quiet little “guys” just for us? Yes. I am. *steps away from the KoolAid*

Via RafaNadalOfficial.

Oh, and Rafa? You don’t need to thank us…in fact…thank you!

Rafa sent us some videos taken at the eyeport (heh). In English:

And in Spanish:

Here’s what he had to say about these videos on Facebook:

I owed you a message and here it is, I recorded it at Melbourne’s airport :) Thanks to all for your support!

Sé que os debía un mensaje y aquí lo tenéis, lo grabé en el aeropuerto de Melbourne :) Gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo!

Rafa, you didn’t owe us a thing - you gave us your all for 6 hours last Sunday. (That sounds naughtier than I meant it to.) But thanks for looking especially adorable while fulfilling a non-debt. And yes, I do hope to see you in Indian Wells.



Update: Oops! Forgot to add this:

FINAL UPDATE: Via’s Matthew Cronin, who got word on this woman’s identity from Nadal’s PR rep, Benito Perez-Barbadillo:

"She is the daughter of the guy sitting behind me who is an Australian fan we met at the hotel and did something for us during the week. Her boyfriend, who wasn’t sitting at our box but some row above us, isn’t very happy about this ‘confusion.’"

Rafa wants to share how he feels about winning that semifinal match: