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Photos from today’s victory over Ferrer.

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Rafa took on his friend and compatriot David Ferrer in the first men’s semifinal match in Rome. You know, I’m not sure I actually like watching matches between these two. They are my two favorite players and I always feel torn. Yes, my main allegiance is to Rafa, but my heart breaks for Daveeed with every loss. I often get the feeling they don’t like playing each other either - both feeling stuck in their assigned rolls (dream crusher/second fiddle). Even with the shaky start Rafa had today, the outcome just about always feels pre-scripted. Any way, Rafa is through to the final: 7-6(6), 6-0.


Nadal Ferrer
Statistics on Serve
Aces 2 2
Double Faults 0 2
1st Serve % 69% 72%
1st Serve Points Won 39/52 (75%) 30/51 (59%)
2nd Serve Points Won 11/23 (48%) 9/20 (45%)
Break Points Saved 9/10 (90%) 7/11 (64%)
Service Games Played 9 9
Statistics on Return
1st Return Points Won 21/51 (41%) 13/52 (25%)
Second Return Points Won 11/20 (55%) 12/23 (52%)
Break Points Won 4/11 (36%) 1/10 (10%)
Return Games Played 9 9
Statistics on Points
Total Service Points Won 50/75 (67%) 39/71 (55%)
Total Return Points Won 32/71 (45%) 25/75 (33%)
Total Points Won 82/146 (56%) 64/146 (44%)
Other Stats
Winners 26 19
Unforced errors 26 36
Net Approaches 6/7 (86%) 5/10 (50%)

I actually made it to the tournament in time to see Rafa practice today. Yea! I watched him for about an hour and 45 minutes with fully charged batteries in my camera. Again, yea! You can see some of the best pictures here. Here’s one:

I love Rafa in this red. I hope it is the French Open Red. I forgot to mention another minus for this tournament is no Nike shop. I was hoping to pick up the French Open shirt for myself.

He hit with Alejandro Falla today, the man who holds the distinction of having one of my 2 favorite names in tennis, the other being Fernando Verdasco. I’m sure he’s honored.

Once again I took a position at court level on the other side of another practice court. This seemed a better option than standing over top of Rafa’s court, as this establishing shot illustrates. It was packed up there, but I got to stand by the railing where I was with no one in front of me.

Practice was pretty unremarkable. I couldn’t really tell how well he was doing, because as you can see, I couldn’t see the court. He acted subdued, seeming neither contented, nor disturbed by his play, so no clues there either. He played a good long while in his practice set with Alejandro. Maybe they got in 2 sets.

One funny thing did happen toward the end, Rafa saw something with the court or on the court (I don’t know, I couldn’t see it.) Then everybody had to look at it while Rafa walked away and laughed, but they were still looking.

As Rafa was finishing up, David came in carrying a racquet in a Babolat plastic bag. My first thought was it had something to do with Prince’s financial problems, but then I realized that it’s just what the stringer put it in. I did not see any ill effects from David’s fall yesterday. That’s a relief. Anyway, David says “hi.”

After practice I watched a bunch of Spaniard’s play matches. First I saw Dolgopolov beat Andujar in straight sets even though Pablo could have served out the first-set tie breaker.

Next I watched Feli and Jurgen Melzer in center court. It was sad the Feli lost, but I have always liked Jurgen as well so I’m happy for him. It was a good close match.

Then I saw the end of Fernando’s doubles match. He played with David Marrero against Tsonga and Dolgopolov. When I came, Jo/Sasha were serving for the match, but Fer/David managed to break and go on to win the second set 7-5. The Super Tie Break was close and exciting with the Spaniards pulling it out 12-10.

Next was Marc and Marcel against Raonic and Troicki. The strategy was clear for this match: hold your serve, forget about the games Milos is serving and break Viktor. It worked perfectly as they broke the Serb once in each set to win 6-4, 6-4. Marc had blue clay on his knee from kneeling at the net. You know how he likes to pour water on his thighs during change over? Well, he was working hard not to wash off the blue on his knee. Hope you saw my tweet about the bag he brought onto the court.

Here’s an arty picture of Marc serving out the match as the sun went down.

I know there are some of you out there that want to know about getting my hands on the blue clay. I did manage to pick some up today — it was just lying on the sidewalk. But I had nothing to put it in so I put it back on the ground. And drum roll please… it felt like dirt. And it stained my hand. Okay I am getting a zip-lock bag now so I can be prepared if I have the chance again. You know who you are!
Rafa plays his first match tomorrow! Or actually today, during the part of the day that I’m sleepy as opposed to now even though it’s 3 AM. The good news is I’ll be over this jet lag in time for the Rome tournament when I get home.

[Note from miri - I’m going to pretend that all the mentions of Marc! in this article are properly followed by an exclamation point. My brain cannot comprehend any other option.]

So the good news is I found out how to get information on the practice schedule. A guy sitting next to me at David Ferrer’s practice handed me a print out that you can get at the information desk. The bad news is that it said that Rafa had already practiced from 10-12. Rats, I was sure he wouldn’t practice before his event for AlmaNadal. But what do I know? So I didn’t get to see Rafa at all today, but I guess a few of you did on TV.

Well, I can share about David’s practice. He was hitting with the always entertaining Alexandr Dogopolov. They were playing a practice set after the warm-up, like the players usually do. Ferru was up 4-1. He was playing pretty well and doing the fun sliding that is a hall-mark of the clay game that has been missing this week. While they were taking a rest on a change-over, Federer and Wawrinka showed up as they were scheduled for the next time slot on the court. As they went out to finish their set, Sasha joked with David, “Whoever wins the next game wins the set.” I think it was 30-30 when one of David’s slides didn’t turn out so well. He fell, twisting an ankle. He was slow to get up, covered in blue and done for the session. I hope he’s okay. He was scheduled to practice again at 5 PM, but I didn’t make it back in time to see if he did.

Here are some other things I found amusing this week:

  • Mohammed Leyani pronounced Ryan Harrison’s name with a Spanish accent. He was ha-REE-son (long O).
  • There is another chair ump that I don’t recognize that pronounces juego so that it sounds like “ho-ho”. He says cinco like he’s from Barcelona, but I really can’t figure out where he’s from.
  • The Spaniards behind me were making fun of the way Argentine Damian Steiner says seis. He was dropping the last s.
  • After Marcos Baghdatis fell in his match, he had to go change his clothes. This picture was taken after he asked the ball girl to brush him off with a towel. (Souvenir blue clay for him.)
  • Ivan Navarro like showing off his thigh as much as Feli —although I like Feli’s better. I haven’t noticed Feli doing that this year. Wonder if the shorter shorts have relieved him of the need to do that. Also wonder if this is a tick Rafa might like to pick up. (Side note: this is one good outcome of inflation as it is the cost of cotton that drove the trend for shorter men’s shorts.)
  • Sergiy Stakhovsky was so displeased with court 7 in his qualifying match that he took it upon himself to rake the court. The chair ump was not pleased with this action, telling him the groundskeepers know what they are doing.

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Looks like, maybe, just maybe, a new official Rafa website is on the way. There’s a contest on the home page now to win a signed t-shirt and be the first to know about the new site. Enter now.




Rafa does social media:


  • Before his injury side-lined him, Pico had planned to go to Mallorca and train with Rafa after Barcelona: (mangle). Thanks, @diannada.