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Today’s recommended reading:
Rafa Nadal’s Second Mountain - by Shane Ryan (

There’s a common theme — when Nadal is the underdog, playing against him just gets harder and harder. With the 2012 major season less than a month away, one of the game’s great champions will be digging deep to reach the top of that second, legend-making peak.

Today’s must view:
Nadal’s Masters 1000 Record from the ATP World Tour Uncovered series:




Rafa does social media:

  • Rafa shared a photo of himself looking rather happy, snuggly and satisfied after a “good physical practice”. An? CC? I think this is your territory.

Tweets about Rafa:

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The person by the site sent along these videos from the final.


20 Hotshots:

Today’s recommended reading: The Persistents - by Steve Tignor.

We tend to take Nadal’s wins on clay for granted, as if it’s automatic for him. And we can probably forgive ourselves for doing this when a guy makes it feel so automatic. On closer inspection, though, his win over Ferrer is a reminder that it isn’t, even for him. Rafa’s forehand can still go off, his serve is up and down from one week to the next, and he can get pushed around and even made uncomfortable on clay. “He didn’t let me play my best level in the first set,” Nadal said of Ferrer, who took a page from the Djokovic playbook by pushing Nadal into his backhand corner and taking his own backhand on the rise for crosscourt winners. Yet Nadal won again.

Ferrer did the normal thing; he hit the ball freely and well until the crucial moments. Then he didn’t hit it as freely or as well. Nadal went in the opposite direction. He hit his forehand poorly until the crucial moments. Then he made it work. That’s abnormal, but so is winning a tournament for the seventh time.



  • Short clips from both Ferrer and Rafa’s post-Barcelona final pressers.
  • raficionada has uploaded more Monte-Carlo videos to her YouTube channel.

Rafa does social media:

* I’m trying to be kind.


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Looks like, maybe, just maybe, a new official Rafa website is on the way. There’s a contest on the home page now to win a signed t-shirt and be the first to know about the new site. Enter now.




Rafa does social media:


  • Before his injury side-lined him, Pico had planned to go to Mallorca and train with Rafa after Barcelona: (mangle). Thanks, @diannada.

Videos from today’s final against Ferrer.

Pre-match interview:

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Full match video:

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Last game:

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Hot Shot:

ATP post-match interview in English:

in Spanish:

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The “not cruel to Daveeed at all” duel post match on-court interview:

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Trophy ceremony:

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Photos from the trophy ceremony.

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Photos by JOSEP LAGO/AFP/GettyImages, David Ramos/Getty Images, REUTERS/Albert Gea, and REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino