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“Uno se cansa de jugar constantemente con dolor” by Juan José Mateo as translated by Inés.

"One gets tired of constantly playing with pain"
Toni Nadal analyzes the situation of his nephew Rafael, who premieres on Monday a treatment for Hoffa’s syndrome while he expects to play the Davis

On Monday, Rafael Nadal will fly to Barcelona to meet with Dr. Cotorro, his personal doctor and from the Federation of tennis. “He has to do a new treatment,” It says by phone Toni Nadal, his uncle and coach, explaining why the world number three has stopped practicing with the racket. “It was best go [to the doctor] without forcing the issue. He goes to Barcelona with Cotorro, and after we will start all over again. Now there is no hurry already “. The theme is the hoffitis that Nadal is suffering, a painful inflammation in the left knee. The lack of emergency is due to the tennis player has already pulled out the Olympics and the tournaments of Toronto, Cincinnati and the U.S. Open, which will leave a minimum of 78 days without competing. The treatment, so far based on physiotherapy, physical therapy, and thermotherapy Iontophoresis, will be determined in Barcelona under the supervision of Cotorro, who did not want to give futher details That is for the pain. What about the spirit, the will, that inner fire that leads Nadal to victory ? How is that being treated after the disappointment of not being able to be the flag bearer of Spain in the Olympics?

"I talk to Rafael about two things right now ," Toni reasons. "First of all, that with all that he has already won , he can be satisfied, because we have had far fewer problems than they were predicting in 2005 [some doctors told him he could not be able to compete at the highest level because of the injured foot]. Then, that you have to take the rough with the smooth, ", continues his coach. "He feels he is dropping in the ranking, that means that he sees everything much more complicated afterwards to climb back up again, that he doubts. I tell him: ‘Look at Del Potro, he was injured for a year, came back and is still playing almost the same level. Look at Carlos Moya, he came back, . We drop a bit in the ranking, next year we will be a little bit tighter but after so much time at the top , you must be calm ‘. That is my message. Accept the adversities. Take the rough with the smooth."

The Argentine Del Potro suffered a wrist injury, descended to inferno of being the world number 485, and then he has managed to get back into the top ten. Moyá, the friend, the adviser, the number one who trained with that dark haired teenager, dropped to the number 59 and then returned to a place in the top four.

This is what Nadal listens, the winner of 11 Major, the 2008 Olympic champion, the clay court ogre, when he decides to put the brakes and not go to the U.S. Open, which begins 27(of August). Doctors tell him that the tendons of his knees are much better than three years ago, when he began treatment with plasma rich growth factors. He replies them that Hoffa’s syndrome, that troublesome left knee pain, which sometimes makes even walking uncomfortable, has not disappeared despite the days of rest and treatment after his second round lost at Wimbledon, his last tournament.

"It was going well, but we saw that there was still some discomfort," says Toni about the final attempt to get to New York. "One gets tired of constantly playing with pain. You know that, in the end, it’s just papering over the cracks; is the short road [a shorter career]. That’s why we decided not to play until he is one hundred percent, "he argues. "The problem has improved, but discomfort persist. Going to the U.S. Open, if he had not had problems in the first match, he would have had in the second. Better stop. In theory, this, once is healed , this is it.There is no reason to think that it it will happens again. More complicated was the tendon issue, and that’s much better ", he ended.

Nadal dreams about of playing the Davis Cup semifinals, that will face U.S. to Spain in Gijon from 14 to 16 September. He has almost a month to get himself ready. First the pain has to disappear. Then he has to get a a certain minimum level of fitness in the practice. Finally, would be the competition: If Alex Corretja, the Spanish captain, counts on him, the thinking in the the Mallorcan’s team is probably, at the moment, that the ideal thing would be for him to play the doubles, and not the single’s match on the opening day.

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