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Per a post on his Facebook page, Rafa will not play in this year’s Rogers Cup.

Hola a todos, quería decirnos que no jugaré el torneo de Toronto que empieza la semana que viene. Lamento mucho no estar preparado aun y espero volver en 2014 a ese torneo, que siempre me ha tratado muy bien. Sigo con mi recuperación y entrenamientos. Gracias!

Hi all, wanted to let you know that I won’t be playing Toronto this year. I am not ready to play and I hope to be back in 2014 at that great tournament that has always treat me very well. I am continuing with my recup and practice. Thanks!

It’s okay, Rafa. Wait for the knee to tell you it’s ready. (Sorry to the Rafa fans headed to the tournament.)

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