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Rafa’s 2nd round match presser has been posted on Ubi Tennis.

Q. Compared to last year, what is your feeling about the balls that they’re using this year? Is it slower or faster? How did it suit your game?

RAFAEL NADAL: Always depends on the conditions. Today the balls are slower when the previous days when there is a lot of hot there, depends on the weather conditions, no? But the ball was very, very quick. I think that the ball is a little bit slower than last year but not much. Depends on the conditions, in my opinion.

It’s all relative.

Q. It seemed to me today that the crowd was really warming to you and encouraging you throughout, which hasn’t always been the case in Paris. Did you feel that today? Could you feel the crowd behind you?

RAFAEL NADAL: You like a lot this kind of history, no? No, no, no, I don’t tell you. I say you (Pointing to whole room and smiling.)

The crowd was great almost every time, no? That’s the thing. Today the crowd wasn’t an exception. Enjoyed the tennis and support tennis and support me, support the opponent when he hit a good shot.

I think he’s very tired of this subject. I can relate.

Q. I have a different question about Facebook and Twitter. Is it you who put the news on Facebook? How important is it for you to have this interaction with your fans?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, for me it’s great, no? For me it’s great to have, you know, the contact diary with the fans. That’s something that few years ago we didn’t have the chance to do it.

Last couple of years, especially last two years, we are doing more and more.

So very happy. Is a good way to be closer to the fans.

Aw, we like it when you are closer, Rafa.

Q. If you’re still here on Sunday, how do you plan to celebrate your birthday?

RAFAEL NADAL: When is my birthday? No, no, no, I don’t know the day.

*snort* Makes sense, though. I work a standard 5 day work week and sometimes have trouble knowing what day of the week it is or what day X date will be on. With his schedule? Oye.

Q. It’s on Sunday.

RAFAEL NADAL: Sunday? So I gonna play Saturday… Ah, I don’t know, no? Is difficult to celebrate like good birthday when you are in the middle of the tournament, but sure, I gonna go for dinner with the team. I don’t know if some family gonna come. I don’t know yet.

So we’ll see. The important thing is I am in the third round and hopefully I can celebrate the birthday in Paris and not in Majorca.

And so you are, Rafa. And so you are. Hope it’s a good one!