We had so much fun going blue last year, why not do something similar this year? Problem is, what color is that darn shirt? Red? Pink? Raspberry? The official name from Nike is “Scarlet Fire”, so fire shall be our theme. It’s a fitting one since our boy is often so fired up on the court.

How can you show that your fired up for Rafa’s attempt to win a historic 7th Roland Garros? The tradition started with us painting toe or fingernails to match Rafa’s shirts, but that lets out people who don’t do the festive nails thing. So:

  • Take a photo of you, a pet, a child, a friend with something scarlet. It can be scarlet toes, a scarlet hat/shirt/bandana, whatever. Look at last year’s gallery for ideas.
  • Upload the photo to a photo sharing service or our Facebook event.*
  • Post a comment with a link to your photo (not necessary if you use the Facebook event).
  • I’ll nab the photo and add it to the gallery.

These folks are fired up!

[gallery link=”file”]

*You could also email it to me. Don’t have my email address? Use the contact form to get in touch with me.