The team seems rather positive before heading to Madrid:

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The Spanish annotations in the video:

Han sido dos semanas importantes y positivas, voy a intentar hacer un buen torneo en Madrid.

Despues de jugar dos semanas con las maximas exigencias la evolucion ha sido muy positiva.

Tanto en Monte-Carlo como en Barcelona no ha tenido un gran desgaste y las rodillas han respondido bien, ya veremos…

La altura de Madrid nos afecta un poco, todos los Master 1000 son dificiles pero llegamos con dos victorias que nos dan moral y tranquilidad.

Animicamente a todos nos va bien ganar.

Seguir jugando como lo estoy haciendo, agresivo, con intensidad, con la problematica de altura de Madrid.

Estoy un poco cansado de hablar de la tierra de color azul, ya veremos a partir de manana en lose entrenamientos como va y voy a intentar adaptarme los mejor posible.

Which mangles to:

Two weeks have been significant and positive, I will try to do a good tournament in Madrid.

After playing two weeks with the maximum requirements evolution has been very positive.

Both Monte-Carlo and Barcelona has had heavy wear and knees have responded well, we’ll see …

The height of Madrid affects us a little, all Master 1000 are difficult but we got two victories that give us moral and tranquility.

Mentally we all do well to win.

Keep playing as I am doing, aggressive, with intensity, with the height of Madrid problematic.

I’m a little tired of talking about the land of blue, and from tomorrow we will see in practice how it goes and I will try to adapt the best.


Barcelona wrap up - kind of clippy (on my computer), but nice for those of you who can’t see these on The Tennis Channel.


Rafa does social media:

  • Rafa shared a photo of him practicing on Manacor at the “club of my life”. He heads to Madrid tomorrow.

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